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oula ([personal profile] oula) wrote2009-04-07 04:49 pm

Posting things

So far I've noticed two semi annoying things, which I think are probably the same annoying thing manifesting differently. When posting in HTML, DW does not automatically translate your hardreturns into < br >, so a post that works on LJ comes out as a wall of text over here. Of course you can post it under the rich text tab, except if you're C&Ping pictures with the code.

The other thing I noticed is the way DW is positioning the pics/text. If you look at my last post you'll see what I mean - the "this is a pic:" [pic] comes out
This is a pic:

Obviously I need to add another < br > after the colon, but still. Different, Something I'll have to learn.
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[personal profile] zvi 2009-04-08 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
YOu should report this to [personal profile] domtheknight, who is head of QA. Make sure you tell her what browser and OS you are on, because hard returns turn into <br> for everyone else I know, so there's some special case with you that is making things different.