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Two days ago I made collard greens from the garden. Enter your cut contents here.

They aren't actually ready to be harvested, but on the thin justification that the crop needed thinning, I plucked the largest leaves in an attempt to get enough to make Hoppin' Jack. HJ is black eyed peas, rice, and collards mixed together to form one of those seriously crave foods - plus it's cheap and increadibely nutricious.

As you can see, not even *close* to being full grown. Those are tomato cages I put in the row to keep the dog from trampling/pooping on my garden, kale on the right and there's supposed to be onions in the center. I need to work on the over crowding thing.

The HJ came out amazing, if a little short on greens. my handful cooked down to about a quarter cup - so I ended up thinning more so L could have some too. I get the black eyed peas from the farmers market here in Hollywood, so they're local too, and I get organic/sustainable rice from the hippy market which I toast in olive oil & a smidge of butter before I put it in the rice cooker. Seriously, toasting it first makes the best rice I've ever had.  

So then yesterday, high off of my success of cooking from the garden I decided to make something using grapefruit. I have two full grown grapefruit trees, which conveniently provide fruit all year round (read: I basically pic as I go), but aside from a grapefruit in the morning my culinary experiments have been failures. Grapefruit sorbet for example? Nasty, and I broke the ice cream maker. But I suddenly thought a lovely avocado/grapefruit salad would be nice on this 95 degree day, and since I finished all my work by 11 am I decided to go for it.

First, you would think in Southern Cal it would be easier to get a ripe avocado. 3 stores later I had one, inching home in traffic when this motorcycle comes next to me. Next thing I know he's screaming like a loon, reaches into my car and punches me. Not hard, but like - WTF? He's screaming that I ran over his foot. So I pull over, concerned but yanno, freaked out because the guy HIT me, and he's walking around so I obviously did not run over his foot. He wants my ID and insurance, but weirdly I feel uncomfortable giving that information to a complete stranger who just punched me and is still screaming like a maniac, so instead I call 911.

Naturally, I'm on hold for 20 minutes. 

Crazy dude then says I hit his bike - no damage, then shows me a very slightly scraped ankle - so all I can figure is he rubbed my tire when he was squeezing through traffic. Finally the 911 operator comes on, and he leaves. Wacko. The police come to my house so I can make the report - and GOD I really really hate dealing with them. There's something in certain cops where they stop looking at you as a person which is incredibly creepy coming from someone armed and basically allowed to shoot you. The long and short was that they took a report, but without witnesses it's "he said she said", and somehow I think that motorcycle guy will get to go back to punching random women when he feels frustrated. 

One good thing was the nicer cop told me that even if he did rub his ankle, it's his fault. If you're riding between cars like that it's up to the bike to make sure there's room, and there obviously wasn't. 

I then had a very LARGE glass of wine, contemplated moving to an island, remembered that I have moved to islands, twice, and it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.  I made the salad, avocado, grapefruit, watercress, arugula, spinach and I grilled a piece of Tilapia and mixed that in. L came over and it ended up being nice. 


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