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Two days ago I made collard greens from the garden. more pics )
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I created another community over here on The Dee Wee. I have no idea why I'm calling it that btw, it just sounds better than "Dee Double You" or "Duh Wuh." Dee Wheeeeee!

Anyway, one of my issues when moving is not about finding the old stuff I subscribed to on my old journals. Usually the people running those comms are pretty good about linking the ever loving crap out of their new space, and even when they no longer post on the old site there are links, or notices, or a row of breadcrumbs left for me to find my way home.

My issue is finding NEW stuff to be interested in. To me that's part of the shiny of a new space: people doing new and nifty stuff. It's like moving into a new home and deciding, well I *could* repaint it to look exactly like my old apartment, -OR- you could bust out that purplegreen you were always itching to try but didn't think the timing was right.

So with that in mind I created [community profile] on_width 

for linking or pimping nifty or new stuff, AND for announcing community moves over to The Dee Wee. So basically, stuff that is happening here on 'width. 

[personal profile] lim  gets all the credit for the cool name. (Seriously, I was going with "ondewe" before she stopped me.) Please join, pimp, share -


Apr. 15th, 2009 11:30 pm
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Thanks to Grrliz and cathexy for posting the link, I have an awesome custom layout.

I think I might move my garden posts here. I'm undecided.

I cooked and ate the first artichoke of the season today. Artichokes are perennials, and often don't produce a choke the first year - so as a project, it takes two years to figure out where/if you can grow them. I have tried them in several places, mostly because I like the way the plant looks. It's sort of alien and spikey, and until it gets a choke, people have no idea what it is. My producing plants are now two and three year old, and produce between 6 - 12 choke each - IF i remember to cut the largest ones off when they're ready to be eaten.

I have no idea why I never manage to remember to take pics during the day when there is light. Anyway, you can see the main choke in the center, and the two buds on the side. Now that the big guy is gone, either one or both of those two will develop, and so on, until I get at least 6 - 10 chokes out of it. I am of course, ridiculously pleased with myself, both because I grew this, yay - and because I grew this. Then I steamed it and made a garlic dip... hmm that reminds me, I should look into planting garlic.

Tomorrow I start work on the chicken coop. I really should be working on painting/fixing my own apartment, but I can't decide what I want to do yet. Chickens suffer from no such decorating dilemma.

edit: Damn that was a lot of choke. Something on my mind?
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So far I've noticed two semi annoying things, which I think are probably the same annoying thing manifesting differently. When posting in HTML, DW does not automatically translate your hardreturns into < br >, so a post that works on LJ comes out as a wall of text over here. Of course you can post it under the rich text tab, except if you're C&Ping pictures with the code.

The other thing I noticed is the way DW is positioning the pics/text. If you look at my last post you'll see what I mean - the "this is a pic:" [pic] comes out
This is a pic:

Obviously I need to add another < br > after the colon, but still. Different, Something I'll have to learn.


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